Traditional Definition of a PostyTM

What a Posty IS

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A PostyTM is a multimedia postcard or gift or greeting composed or assembled or chosen by senders, after which a pick-up notice is sent over the Internet to the recipients, who then can, at their convenience pick up their posty with a browser, by using the link and/or pick-up code from their pick-up notice.

A PostyTM is stored on a server and held ready for the recipient to access it with a browser for a predefined time, typically 7-21 days.

A PostyTM is normally "multimedia", combining text, picture(s), animations and sound in a composition, however the sender has a choice whether or not to include sound and other components.

A PostyTM can include real and virtual gifts like prepaid phone calling cards, flowers, chocolate, coffee or other gift certificates for real items paid for by the sender and to be delivered to the recipient.

To keep the mail flowing smoothly and not to overload the mail servers of Dial Up Access Providers even on busy holidays, a Posty pick-up notice may not include any attachments larger than a digital signature certificate.

And above all, a PostyTM is FREE.

What a Posty IS NOT

Pictures, Animations, or Movies which are sent as an attachment with email, those are attachments, NOT Postys. The same goes for anything embedded in email, which just like an attachment is forced upon the recipient at a time that may possibly not be at the recipient's convenience, and which also may put undesirable loads onto the mail services.

Examples of a Posty

Why Trademark ?

We have introduced and established PostyTM as the name for Free Multimedia Internet Greetings since the first full featured posty's we made in 1994 and have allowed and encouraged the name PostyTM to become a generic term.

The reason we have encouraged the "IN-USE" trademark of the name PostyTM is so that no "Johnny-come-lately" can come along to hog it and expect cardmasters to pay for the use of the word PostyTM

Webby, Inc, as the originator and first user of the word Posty in relation to Free Multimedia Internet Greetings, hereby grants to any and all the non-exclusive rights to use the word Posty to refer to Free Multimedia Internet greetings and postcards. You do not have to use the TM or the ® symbol and you do not have to link back to us. This is strictly to protect the FREE use of a generic term.
Helmut Morscher,
President of Webby, Inc.

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